Web Woven Verses

(Written in the year 2009 for my anonymous friends in unknown mountains and valleys send via an email address: Jane Wordsmith45@gmail.com)


interrogatives of my child at twelve would essay
the why and why and why of his country
the problems he used to carry
on his shoulders even today.
i believed you but he would say
i want a medal for my mommy
and he wrote what the accredited teacher fancy.

now that he is in college
as he create his own  collage
to him i say
like a dove you walk gently
as wise as the serpent you see
with the heart of the lion show mercy
to those who wallow in poverty.


freed from
dark cocoon of slavery
seeds smiling with dreams


euphoria of celebration
in tinsels and drums
oh worshipers
of empty cymbals of freedom
slumbering in cushion
of bubbles that burst
in the rhymed
dirge of hope and frustration.

wake up and hammer deep
oh brow profound
with courage unbound
for flowers, in your dreams, to bloom .


hope is
campus of your school
emptied of your presence
and abandoned old trees
covered by verdant leaves
laughter of your childhood
lingering in shaded lane
liberating culture
held in the palm of the hand.

hope are young smiling faces
pounding the ghostly highway
of a long dead society

hope is the perseverance
crowning your bald sunburned head
with deepening white hair.


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