Gloria Maria Gonsalez Magdalena photo

Upon this Rock and Other Verses

upon this rock
we build our life
bloom sweet tender faith.
the tambuli calls
the march
of the beaten path
the way of wounded hands
and feet
the way of the cross
is the way of love
that nurtures and grows
at every drop
of the tears of Jove.

we walk
with heavy heart
the distance
of anointed pilgrimage.
the solitude
is waltzing with pain
of the song
in our heart.

i do prefer
to play the solitaire
gazing at your holy face
touching the nearness
that we profess.

i strum my verses to sing
the song of the sacred spring
the cups of life
the vessels ring
faith outpouring
grace encompassing
the celestial voices bring/

tick, tack, tack
tick, tack, tack,
hear the raindrops
singing, singing, singing
graces of life
raining, raining, raining
by my window pane
i see the greening
of the distant plain
life is faith awakening
the music the raindrop bring.

my faith
is a gift
given to me
by the flow
of history
in its tender foam
i rest well and strong
in its fragile touch
i felt a strength unmatch

my faith is a treasure
more precious than any pleasure
faith is a gift my life ensures!

i build the house
in the sea of dreams
and found rose
life in its brim.

we dream
as the sunset bid
adieu to the stream,
as darkness crept
into the night

life is an explosion
of the blazing sun rays
of the rising sun.

sea of dreams
visibly unfurls
in the stream.


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