by vildelroma

come take steps
with faith on hand
walk the path of hope
the vision beyond
open our being and soul
to divine call.

history is ours
to create and fashion
the footprints are marks
of our feet alone.

freedom we hold
in the palm of or hand
tired and weary souls
stand and take command
i reached out for a clasp
of on out streached hand
i hold on in the dark
with sparkling sands

as dawn break to pour
the fragrance of the stars
i thirst for your love
and dig my faith in creation
in the life of the root crops
is the hope of my nation.!

let us walk side by side
with our people
and celebrate with the root  crops
the Eucharist of redemption.

strum your strings for songs
that bring joy to our memories
and dreams and light in dark valleys;.

journeying together
we separate and gather
faith is courage
that binds us forever.

we pray
with the profoundest hope
of humaniy
and in solidarity celebrate
the paschal mystery.

it is a long wait
but never will it be long
faith fills the air
with the fulfilling presence of hope.

the distant drums call
bearing in carloads
the cry of the poor
the tears and blood
in the creeks
the showers, stones
and truncheons in the streets

travelers of faith
in the flow of history
in cars and buses
we negotiate the highway
that links our vision
with our nations misery.
blazing red hot commitment
brings the past and future in today.

let our heart rise with the morning sun
to bring the joy of hope to everyone.


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